Essential Oils

Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Lavandula angustifolia


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Lavender Essential Oil is very soothing for mind and body and encourages tranquility and relaxation. The healing properties of Lavender essential oil helps to relieve many skin and hair issues, while enhancing your natural beauty.

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The exotic floral fragrance along with its therapeutic properties to support numerous physical, emotional and psychological healing makes Lavender Essential Oil the most popular essential oil widely used in perfume, skincare, body care or even house cleaning products. Including Lavender Essential Oil in your daily health regime can be very beneficial.


  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • Strengthens hair and makes them frizz-free
  • Eliminates dandruff and lice
  • Enhances texture and shine of hair


  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Enhances sleep quality and helps reduce insomnia
  • Helps heal minor wounds, cuts and burns without leaving a scar
  • Relieves muscular stiffness and pain


  • Moisturises dry and chapped skin
  • Enhances skin elasticity
  • Soothes irritated and inflamed skin
  • Heals burns, acne and scar marks
  • Brightens the skin and brings out the natural glow of the skin

Mix a couple of drops in your choice of carrier oil like coconut, almond or jojoba and apply as required.

Please take care of the below points before applying:

  • For external use only.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not use it during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.

Key Ingredients

Lavandula angustifolia

100% Pure Steam Distilled Lavandula angustifolia