Therapeutic Blends

Tapping into the therapeutic power of the plants, we encourage you to adopt a chemical-free way of living. Incorporate our Aromatherapy blends into your daily routine to nurture your body’s natural strength with a healing touch of massage therapy in order to live a healthy life.

Therapeutic Blends

Muscular Pain Relief

Mediterranean Folklore

Fast relief from all kinds of muscular pains

Therapeutic Blends

Face Oil

Eternal Radiance

Complete Skin care for all skin types

Therapeutic Blends

Period Pain Relief

Women's Oil

For all your period related concerns

Therapeutic Blends

Sound Sleep

Tranquil Nights

Fall into a deep and restful sleep

Therapeutic Blends

Varicose Veins Relief

Santini's Gold

Heal your veins for healthy and great looking legs

Therapeutic Blends

Stress Relief

Assyrian Mystic

De-stress and calm your nerves

Therapeutic Blends

Hair Oil

Luscious Locks

Complete Hair care solution