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  • Thu,05 2022

7 bedtime tips to get Glowing skin and Clear mind

Who doesn’t love naturally glowing and radiant skin? And there’s nothing to beat some simple and natural ways in which your skin can get that glow while you sleep.

The trick to getting glowing skin overnight is to do the right things before you go to bed, as a part of your night time skincare routine. We have compiled a list of some very easy and natural practices that can get your skin to glow and will make your morning more refreshing.

Always Cleanse Your Face before Heading to Bed

The golden rule that you should never ever break if you want clear, clean and beautiful skin all your life – no matter how tired you are, thoroughly cleanse your face to take off all dirt, grime, oil, dust, pollutants, etc. that the surface of your skin and pores might have collected through the day. Remove every trace of makeup, never sleep with makeup or an unclean face.

Follow Double Cleansing

It’s a routine in which you have to first apply cleansing oil/balm all over your face, massage it gently for few minutes to remove the layer of makeup and dirt from your face and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This helps to remove all the makeup from your face which our normal face wash won’t be able to remove and it also helps to remove the layer of dirt and oil from your face. The next step is to wash your face with your regular face wash. This helps to remove the excess make up that is still present on your skin and it makes your skin look squeaky clean and healthy. This routine also helps products like serums, moisturizers and other creams and lotions to penetrate deep into our skin, which help us to obtain best results from these products. Double cleansing is one for the best methods for deep cleaning your face; it helps you to keep your skin healthy and clean and successfully removes the layer of makeup and dirt from your face. Double cleansing is also considered better than using make up removers on face.

Switch Up Your Pillowcase

Did you ever think that your pillowcase could affect the way your skin looks in the morning? Well it can. A silk pillowcase is an advisable choice to sleep on as it prevents marks from setting in throughout the night. Over the course of times, it also reduces the chance of wrinkles setting in. Plus silk pillowcases prevent static and frizz from setting into your hair so your tresses will love it too.

Never Sleep With Makeup

You've heard it time and time again but that's only because it's so important. No matter how late your day goes or how tired you are, makeup removal is a step that just shouldn't be skipped. When particles and residue of products sit on your face through the night, they clog pores and trap bacteria and oils inside. Avoid the risk of sudden pimples cropping up by quickly cleaning with a makeup towel or micellar water.

Hydrate your Body

Hydration is imperative for healthy and glowing skin and that's especially true for the night time as well. During the later hours of the evening that is not too close to your bed time, ensure you have guzzled enough water to keep you hydrated through the course of your sleep. As this period of time could be from 6 to even 10 hours during which you won't be drinking water, keeping yourself hydrated before that is a smart move to follow.

Pre Sleep Meditation

Additionally, sleeping with a calm and relaxed mind and body is essential to get the most out of beauty sleep. Before going to bed, create an ambience infused with Essential oils and practice deep breathing to soothing meditation music.

Ensure that the room is dimly lit to enhance the effects of the ritual. To further enhance the effects of beauty sleep, wake up and go to bed at a fixed time and maintain a bedtime routine along with a sleep schedule. If falling asleep continues to be a problem, it is best to consult a sleep specialist.

Sufficient sleeping Hours

We all agree, right? You, however, need to know that, there are no shortcuts for sufficient sleep. You need at least seven to eight hours of sleep on a regular basis. If you don’t get enough of it, your skin will get tired, sag and look dull. When you are in bed, your skin cells get a boost, since the body increases the blood flow to the skin. When you compromise on sleep, you risk your skin looking drab and lifeless. The first thing that you will notice when you haven’t had proper sleep is the bags under your eyes, your morning will be completely lifeless without any refreshing vibes.

Follow these simple steps and wake up to a healthy glowing skin, every day!