• HerbSpace
  • Thu,08 2020

Easy peasy right?

“Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into your Shampoo or face wash and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy”

Easy peasy right?

Well, not really!!!

Before you roll your eyes and go “What are you talking about? All the articles I have read and videos I have seen say that’s the way to go.”, consider this-

  • Cosmetic products use synthetic bases. Due to the super absorbent quality of essential oils, when mixed, these synthetic bases will also be able to enter your bloodstream
  • Cosmetic products are made to an approved formulation. Adding anything changes the formulation thereby reducing the product’s benefits or could actually become harmful for the body or skin
  • The number of preservatives in any product are specific to the ingredients used, adding anything to this, disrupts the preservation process and your product can go bad much before its expiration date without showing any outward signs of change in appearance or smell
  • Mostly the cosmetic products come in plastic packaging. Essentials oils have a strong reaction to plastic and will jeopardize the entire content of the pack

And frankly speaking, how can you be sure that a few drops that you have added have been evenly mixed into the cosmetic product?

So next time you want to pamper yourself or incorporate the goodness of essential oils into your life, consider buying a blend for your specific purpose or book an aromatherapy massage with a good spa and let the experts do what they do best while you just relax and enjoy!!