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  • Fri,01 2020

Aromatherapy: A Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Sometimes, medications are not enough to ease our miseries. As not every theory can be helpful everywhere, all of us must have an idea of some alternatives. Dealing with pains and aches is not a pleasant thing at all. At times, medicines may not help and you feel disappointed. Don't be. You can still go for a session like aromatherapy or maybe a full body massage. 


There are different types of essential oils available for treating different problems. Some are used to relieve pain while some are known to release stresses. They are natural and come with several amazing therapeutic benefits. Essential oils are made following the centuries-old technique of steam distillation that extracts essential substances from petals, leaves, roots, and many other parts of plants. 


Coming to pain relief, many pains can be relieved with the help of quality essential oils. Here are some conditions where massage can work wonders:


Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem these days and medicines don't help much. Though there are no hard and fast rules, people indulged in continuous physical activities tend to suffer more. No worries, you can still expect essential oils by your side. Wintergreen oil is known to have therapeutic properties that can relieve joint pain. Other reliable options include Birch, Spruce, Roman Chamomile, and Cajeput oils.


Connective Tissue Problems

Connective tissues bind all our body parts together. Sometimes, people face issues with them and it becomes important to take enough time to heel. Aromatherapy can be helpful as there are oils that can effectively repair damaged tissues that might be causing pain and provide instant relief. Some examples are Lemongrass and German Chamomile oil. 


Neuropathic Pain

Sometimes, it is your neuromuscular tissues that can land you in trouble. Any inflammation or nerve damage can turn into a painful experience. Thankfully, there are oils like Juniper, Cypress, Tarragon, and Bergamot that can make things easier for people surviving such pains. These oils have been found to reduce neuropathic pains in various studies.


Menstrual Pain

Only women can understand this. Those abdominal cramps are the worst nightmares. Lucky are the ones who don't face them at all during menstruation. Periods are painful, that's a real thing. While there are many medicines available on the counter, you cannot be sure whether they will be effective. At the same time, you might be scared of the possible side-effects of such medicines. Thanks to rose oil that can relieve the pain and make you feel better. 


Muscle Tone

This is more relevant for people following intense exercise routines. Scars are meant to be healed and this can be perfectly done using essential oils. Oils like Balsam Fir and Marjoram are known to aid muscle tone by reducing inflammation. Therefore, you can work out tirelessly without any fear. 


Tips for success:

  • Don't eat a meal just before your session. Even if you're hungry, you should prefer keeping a gap in between.
  • Prefer doing the necessary documentation online (in case it is your first session and you're not yet registered with the spa). Doing so, you will be able to enjoy the massage peacefully without wasting time on paperwork.
  • Once you are on the massage table, trust your therapist, and let his/her fingers do the magic. Don't interrupt as it will create an unnecessary distraction for both of you.
  • Don't forget to take home a blend that you can use by yourself after a draining day. You can order it online as well.