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  • Thu,06 2021

Carrier Oils – Coconut Oil

Belonging to the palm family and native to the tropical and coastal regions across the globe, every part of this popular drupe is used by us, including the husk. Coconut water is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, making it a popular drink. Kernel is used to obtain oil, hard shell for charcoal, husk for creating ropes and mats.

Coconut finds its mention as far back as 9th Century and appears in 1,001 Arabian Nights, a story about Sinbad the Sailor. Known by different names in different civilizations, the name we know it with, was given by a Portuguese explorer in 16th century. The nuts “coco” means “skull” roughly translated.


Nourishes the skin

Coconut Oil cleanses and nourishes skin, leaving it soft and silky. Enhancing the protective barrier of the skin, locking in moisture to soften, lubricate, and cool skin. The healing properties of coconut oil helps to rebuild damaged skin making it a superb choice for curing sun burns, wounds, stretch marks and rashes. An effective and natural sun screen, coconut oil moisturizes the skin and keeps it blemish free. Coconut oil is quite light and gets absorbed quickly into the skin, soothing acne and reducing further break-outs and wrinkles and ageing of skin. An effective moisturizer, coconut oil cleanses the skin thoroughly and keeps it soft and smooth.

Grandma’s secret to long, thick, shiny hair

A deep conditioning treatment for hair, Coconut oil makes your hair shiny and strong. It helps manage flyaways and frizzy hair and is very effective in treating dandruff. Coconut Oil helps protect hair from elemental damage and rejuvenates dry, dull or damaged hair. The natural protein simulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Helps maintain a healthy body

Being a light oil, Coconut Oil penetrates the skin easily which allows essential oils to be readily absorbed into the body. Lauric Acid, the most significant constituents of coconut oil, increases good cholesterol in the blood to help improve the ratio of good cholesterol/bad cholesterol levels. It is also a type of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) that when broken down helps in efficiently burning energy and further helps to keep your weight balanced. The fragrance of coconut oil is very soothing and helps relax the body. Oleic Acid in the coconut oil helps reduce joint inflammation, stiffness, and pain.