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  • Thu,07 2021

Carrier Oils – Jojoba Oil

Widely known as an oil, this one is a liquid wax ester. Secret of a native American tribe, O'odham, Jojoba derives its name from the word Hohowi, which means “beans/nuts”. They used a paste made from the nut for skin and hair care. Extensively used for its medicinal values, the nut came into limelight when the sperm whale oil was banned and an alternative was required to take its place…enter jojoba oil..

The most versatile oil for all your skincare needs

If you are using any skin care product, you are familiar with this one. This versatile oil resembles the skin sebum and locks in moisture. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin, it’s a staple for face care routine. The vitamin E content found in Jojoba oil helps reverse ageing effects and restore the youthful glow. A natural SPF booster, this one protects you from UV rays and other type of sun damage. Easily absorbed in the skin, Jojoba oil protects the skin from acne, enhances radiance and strengthens skin elasticity.

Natural cleanser for Hair

A natural moisturiser and cleanser, this one makes the hair glow with health. The hydrating properties of Jojoba oil replenishes the hair moisture, making them soft and smooth. This non-greasy oil stimulates hair growth and keeps your hair soft and shiny. A natural cleanser, Jojoba oil cleans the scalp, eliminates excess oil and prevents dandruff.