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  • Fri,01 2022

Face Serums and Face Oils - All you need to know!

We all hear about wonderful, luxurious serums, face oils and night creams – well, practically all day long. Serums are a skincare product that is applied to your face after cleansing but before moisturizing. Hang on, that pretty much sums up the definition of a face oil too.

So what’s the difference and when to use them?

Face Serums

Highly potent, concentrated, water-based formulation that carries a good amount of active ingredients, serums are designed for specific skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, dullness or spots.  Serums are believed to deliver a large amount of active molecule directly to your skin. Due to the high concentration, it is thought to bring about visible result in very short time. In other words, serums are quickly absorbed by the skin and are believed to deliver the active molecules to the deeper skin layers to rejuvenate the skin and enhance its texture from within. Regular use of a good serum is expected to show results with-in a few weeks.


Face Oils

These are usually made from plant extracts and are oil based. Face oils provide nutrition and hydration to your skin. Made from essential oils, they provide lipids to your skin, which in turn helps to fortify the natural moisture barrier and protects your skin from environmental damage which is the major contributing factor of acne, premature aging and dullness. Apart from being deeply nourishing and restorative, facial oils can provide your skin with a mega dose of hydration. In case you have oily skin, a good face oil, based on aromatherapy formulation will help manage secretion of oil and keep the excess away. So don’t shy away from using one.

Day or Night – What’s the right time to use them?

Well, that depends on your skincare routine. The only thing to keep in mind is to be aware of ingredients used to add like Vitamin-C in your product. If the face serum or face oil using an ingredient that is photo-toxic, meaning, it will burn your skin when exposed to sun, then it should be used in the night only. Mostly these ingredients are loaded with Vitamin-C and are used in many formulations. Effects of Photo-toxicity may be visible in just one day or may take some years to come to surface. Usually, irritation or redness of skin is a good indicator that ingredients need to looked at!


Go choose the one that is best for you and enjoy the naturally healthy and beautiful skin!